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  1. ts series server enclosure t2 series networking enclosure wm wall-mounted cabinets
  2. on the functional optimization of sulzer rta-t series marine diesel engine
  3. in the design of this project, the author has participated in the following works : the system design, chips selected, and making schematic circuit diagram of the interface hardware, and pcb design 、 debug, and the fpga control-program design, system testing and debugging, and some drivers of wince . this paper will introduce the principle of the dvb-t series standards firstly, then the sketchy design of the system will be stated
  4. based on the degree of urgency of going into graceful ospf restart, the reason of graceful ospf restart is divided into software-restart and hardware-restart, and the way of graceful ospf restart is divided into pre-restart mode and post-restart mode accordingly . after the compare with the traditional ospf realization method and the analysis on the mechanism of the trigger of graceful ospf restart and synchronization of link state database and the exchanging with the route management module ( rtm ), it is figured out that how to choose the restart mode and how to switch from pre-restart mode to post-restart mode, and how to synchronize the link state database, and how to define the interface and process flow exchanging with protocol supporting module, and how to deal with the forwarding table on the condition of multiple route protocols who also have the capability of graceful restart . finally, the idea of graceful ospf restart with two modes above was realized in the t series routers that belong to a telecommunication corporation
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