t set造句


  1. "I don't set my salary,"
  2. "I didn't set out looking for that.
  3. The cut didn't set off inflation alarms in bunds.
  4. "Our pitching wasn't set up,"
  5. Japanese automakers haven't set specific targets for their purchases.
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  7. You can't set artificial constraints on it ."
  8. _You don't set annual goals for total return.
  9. "I didn't set any expectations,"
  10. The Fed doesn't set long-term interest rates.
  11. "I don't set odds for the country.
  12. In public, he can't set fire to gasoline.
  13. The company hasn't set a date for the offer.
  14. They didn't set a club record for consecutive victories.
  15. The federal government didn't set out to penalize marriage.
  16. Jackson didn't set out to become what he is.
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