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  1. This house is in the typical t shape
  2. Treatment of proximal humeral fracture with t shape external fixation frame
  3. Open reduction and t shape plate fixation for unstable fractures of distal radius
  4. T shape pressure cooker
  5. Joint of t shape : positive tread of m201 . 5 and back welded lead - pressure tube stainless steel
    “丁”字形接頭: m20x1 . 5陽螺紋及后部焊接引壓管不銹鋼
  6. It's difficult to find t shaped in a sentence. 用t shaped造句挺難的
  7. This assistance frame is designed as t shape , which can be conveniently fixed onto the body of ordinary putter
  8. But to the large extent , this reform is only key - button - typed . and does n ' t shape an effective system
  9. As far as the t shape area rich in lipid exudation is concerned , even in autumn , a lot of oily skin produces endless lipid
  10. Apply the flexible structure pole and fix two flexible dustless roll at two ends of the top pole . 2 . t shape mop body can pull goods
  11. Each end of t shape pole fixes 4 protruding points which can be separately used for hanging clothes , pushing and pulling scroll door or getting things faraway
    “ t ”形橫桿部分兩端各設置有上下4個凸點,可以單獨作為掛衣叉推拉卷閘門或者高空遠處收取物品。
  12. Well you only live once . don ' t think about tomorrow . don ' t shape the future . people who shape the future are sick . just enjoy life . that ' s our philosophy
    “你只能活一次。不要老想著明天會怎樣。不要把你的未來框架化;把未來框架化的人是病態的。享受生活? ?這就是我們的哲學。
  13. Based on the facts that the formal definition of network bank has n ' t shaped , this article try to define network bank on the basis of introduction of existing authorized definitions
  14. By taking axial compression ratio , local angle , stirrup space , the ratio of stirrup and etc . into consideration , the author studies the displacement ductility ratio for speical - shaped columns such as l shape , t shape and t shape
  15. Adopted high - tech weaved materialextra thin fiber , its capability of absorbing and dust removing exceeds other ordinary products . the t shape rolling aluminum pole of rolling mop adopts special material and has the contractive function
  16. According to different backing materials , we can choose the suitable grain size to sanding - blast treating and shape hard chromium plating that isn ' t shaping after being plated , which is the key to solve hard chromium plating like pear ' s skin
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