t state造句

"t state"是什麽意思   


  1. they didn't stated all the documents needed
  2. north carolina a t state university
  3. but it isn, t stated in our constitution
  4. although i didn t state it then, i naturally assumed you would read and interpret the code just as if you were reading a book
  5. "in the chemical and biological areas, their work was n't state of the art but it was good enough to be of interest to other countries .
  6. It's difficult to find t state in a sentence. 用t state造句挺難的
  7. state 2006sp1for2003 qvga fuselage t state t 2006sp1 566 586 suitable for wm5 qvga screen currently 577 577w 566w 586w . in a mobile version
  8. having found itself isolated in the 1990s for its islamist extremism and terrorism, sudan has found a way back into international esteem without the west, by re-inventing itself as the new entrep & ocirc; t state of east africa
  9. eis differs from traditional mis systems, it's not very easy to identify definitely the demand of eis, because the leaders usually ca n't state explicitly their own true requirement . therefore, identifying the requirement of leader is where the shoe pinches
  10. the report regards " strengthen the international competitiveness of the industrial enterprises " as the center to ensure the strategy choice direction of the related-industry after the reasonable analysis to the sensitive problem with the help of the system, motion, comparative analysis method assisted with the mathematic tools and concise illustrations . it has n't stated the specific industries thoroughly, only making the choice of the international competitive strategy among labor-intensive industry, the technology-intensive industry, the capital-intensive industry by the category-divided way . it has depicted the choice direction of the related types of the industry international marketing strategy on the choice of the basic competitive strategy, which can offer more references to more enterp


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