1. Taff said he felt hopeful all day that we would win.
  2. It shows that Taff is within striking distance of beating Moore.
  3. The congressman had plenty of cash early; Taff did not.
  4. The northern section forms a branch to the Taff Trail cycleway.
  5. The Taff Trail cycle path passes through Radyr via Radyr Weir.
  6. It's difficult to find taff in a sentence. 用taff造句挺難的
  7. Soon, Maciej Taff has joined the band as a vocalist.
  8. The site is now on the route of the Taff Trail.
  9. And Upton says he liked Taff's calm demeanor.
  10. Before that, Taff said, he was serving his country overseas.
  11. Taff also presents a political profile different from what Moore has encountered.
  12. Realizing he had little time left, Taff pulled the ejection lever.
  13. In those years, Taff attended Rhein Benninghoven and Merriam elementary schools.
  14. Democrats prefer Moore 92 percent to 4 percent for Taff.
  15. Taff said he had about $ 205, 000 in his account.
  16. Artists contributing to the recording include Steve Green, and Russ Taff.
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