1. Taffa Tabiou announced full provisional results late on 6 March.
  2. According to Taffa Tabiou, voter turnout was 64.68 %.
  3. It lies in the Waldviertel area, in the valley of the river Taffa.
  4. Tabiou Taffa was then elected by consensus as President of CENI on 14 October 2009, resolving the controversy.
  5. Despite the opposition's complaints, district officials followed Taffa Tabiou's instructions in bringing their results to Lom?
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  7. Tabiou Taffa was not a member of any political party and was an obscure figure at the time of his election as CENI President.
  8. However, following the vote, Taffa Tabiou said on 5 March that the VSAT machines had failed and that it would therefore be necessary for all 35 electoral district directors to bring physical proof of the results to Lom?
  9. In 1966 two islands had their first pioneers-on the island of Capri it was Rouhaughy Fahteazam, and on the island of Lipari it was Teresa Taffa while in Sardinia there was the first Sardinian conversion occurred when Livia Pargentino joined the religion.
  10. The members of the Italian assembly were Professor Hossein Avaregan, Alessandro Bausani, David Ned Blackmer, Professor Mario Fiorentini, Manoutchehr Madjzoub, Hossein Mahboubi, Mario Piarulli, Augusto Robiati, and Teresa Taffa; six of whom were able to attend the convention itself.
  11. The controversy over the election of Kolani interfered with CENI's work, and as a result, Issifou Tabiou Taffa & mdash; a representative of civil society & mdash; was elected by consensus as President of CENI on 14 October 2009, resolving the controversy.


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