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  1. Water handling remained poor, and the aircraft was tail heavy in flight.
  2. It was judged to have high performance and manoeuvrability though tail heavy and hard to land.
  3. By becoming tail heavy, the rear portion of the suspension would undertake a greater load and thus wear out faster.
  4. The shuttle glides to a landing, and the presence of the huge observatory would make the orbiter unusually speedy and tail heavy.
  5. Early tests showed that it was tail heavy, so 10 kg ( 22 lb ) of water ballast was added in the nose.
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  7. Ariel's tail originally had a motor inside that allowed the fluke to move independently, but the mechanics made the tail heavy and loud and were removed.
  8. But as a tank mounts a slid, it becomes tail heavy ( center of weight shifts backwards ) and that presented uncertainty when crossing wide trenches.
  9. This prototype first flew in early April 1917, being tested officially later that month, where it demonstrated good performance, but was tail heavy when carrying a bomb load and nose heavy without, and was tiring to fly.
  10. The J23 first flew in June 1923 and was tail heavy, a fault rectified by an increase in length ( several sources, e . g . put the length at about but L'A閞ophile, a year after the first flight, gives ).
  11. By this time the prototype ended up being seriously tail heavy, and in order to move the center of gravity back to a reasonable position for a test flight, 170 lb ( 77 kg ) of lead was added in the nose.
  12. One flying boat pilot, Major Theodore Douglas Hallam, wrote that they were " comic machines, weighing well under two tons; with two comic engines giving, when they functioned, 180 horsepower; and comic control, being nose heavy with engines on and tail heavy in a glide ."
  13. The P . V . 7 proved to be tail heavy in the air and difficult to handle on the ground, with its sesquiplane layout and high lift wings being considered unsuitable for such a small aircraft . The Gnat engine proved to be extremely unreliable, with test flights being forced to remain within gliding distance of an airfield.


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