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  1. Casual water was common thoughout the course and many tee areas were heavily soaked.
  2. As Woods left the tee area, fans began to shower it with beer cups.
  3. Each tee box has two markers showing the bounds of the legal tee area.
  4. Waterlogged tee areas prompted the shortening of four holes, helping account for the low scoring.
  5. The only spots at the 18th hole not under water were the tee area and the green.
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  7. Everybody in the tee area reacted.
  8. The tee areas were asphalt slabs.
  9. Further north in the Tees area, farmers imported continental cattle from the Netherlands, Holstein or other countries on the Elbe.
  10. Applause greeted Sorenstam on arrival in the tee area, where the announcer asked the gallery to " Welcome Mrs . 59 ."
  11. The original tee area of 392 yards from the championship tees will be preserved to provide the club with flexibility in course set-up.
  12. Multiple target locations and tee areas on this blue level course make it very adaptable for recreational play as well as high level competitions.
  13. In one, golfers swing at a plastic ball and a monitor displays almost immediately a computer-enhanced reproduction of the swingpath through the tee area.
  14. Following the successful launch of NCI Bass Point, other Stations quickly followed in Devon, Cornwall, East Anglia, Somerset, Sussex, Essex, Dorset, the Tyne-Tees area and South Wales.
  15. Bentgrass is already widely used in its non-engineered form by golf course operators, mainly for greens but also for fairways and tee areas, in part because it is sturdy even when closely mown.
  16. The gallery, 15 deep, showered the tee area with beer and baseball caps, while an undergraduate male had to be hauled off by security for running onto the fairway to bow at Woods'spiked feet.
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