1. It pools near the hem of the Tehuana dress and splatters onto the skirt.
  2. An early contribution by Hord to the program was the stone fountain, Tehuana for Balboa Park s Hospitality House.
  3. On permanent display at the Museo de Arte Moderno is the sculpture Tehuana, which consists of sheet metal about 110 cm high.
  4. On the walls are pre-Hispanic necklaces and folk dresses, especially the Tehuana-style ones that were Frida s trademark.
  5. The role model for Tehuana women was a woman by the name of Juana Cata Romero who lived in the late 19th and early 20th century.
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  7. "A Tehuana-clad Kahlo shares a long table with the cord-and dynamite-wrapped male figure and the skeleton of Four Inhabitants.
  8. Tehuana Anejo by Chagoya, a two-year mezcal priced at dlrs 33.95 ( 300 pesos ) a bottle, also won a gold.
  9. Rivera's 1955 portrait showed Olmedo dressed in the colorful embroidered shift of the Tehuana Indians of southern Mexico, holding a basket of tropical fruit.
  10. At the last minute in the movie, she decides against wearing a traditional white European-styled gown and instead, borrows her maid's native Tehuana green dress for the nuptials.
  11. The plinth notes her works of charity in her later years, but the real reason she is admired is that she amassed her wealth and power using her looks and shrewdness, considered a Tehuana trait.
  12. She also owned highly acclaimed paintings from Rivera's later period, including " La Tehuana " ( 1955 ), a portrait of Olmedo wearing the colorful dress of a native of the isthmus of Tehuantepec; Kahlo often wore such a costume.
  13. In the movie, costume designer Julie Weiss dressed actress Hayek in authentic Tehuana clothing ( from the Mexican state of Oaxaca ) _ long ruffled skirts, petticoats, tops ( huipiles ) and shawls ( rebozos ) that women wore in small towns and villages.
  14. The strip chronicled the life of'beat'spider, Bug Rogers, drawn with only six legs; Paris Juarez Keats Garcia, a poet; Artemisa Rosalinda Gonzalez, a widow determined to marry the bachelor farmer; and Tehuana Mama, Gordo's housekeeper.
  15. The Tehuana outfit allowed Kahlo to express her feminist and anti-colonialist ideals, hid her damaged body, and appealed to Rivera, who believed that " Mexican women who do not wear [ Mexican clothing ] . . . are mentally and emotionally dependent on a foreign class to which they wish to belong " . and during her time in the Communist Party favoring " workman's shirts and a-line skirts . . . deemed proper for a Communist " . } } Her identification with " la raza ", the people of Mexico, and her profound interest in its culture were to remain important facets of her art throughout the rest of her life.


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