telecommunications operator造句


  1. Telefonica is the largest telecommunications operator in Spain and South America.
  2. "We're not looking to become a telecommunications operator.
  3. BT is the fifth biggest telecommunications operator world-wide by turnover.
  4. Until 2013, MPT was also Myanmar's only telecommunications operator.
  5. Private telecommunications operators, too, will suffer added expenses as a result.
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  7. The Italian telecommunications operator agreed to invest $ 342 million in the venture.
  8. The department, he said, had received many complaints on telecommunication operators.
  9. China Telecom is the largest telecommunications operator in China.
  10. In 2007, Dutch telecommunications operator KPN acquired Getronics.
  11. "XPress Telecom " was a wireless telecommunication operator in Jordan.
  12. Theses standards are more suitable for large telecommunication operators and their equipment vendors.
  13. Bouygues partnership with state-controlled Stet brings it an experienced international telecommunications operator.
  14. That is of value to other telecommunications operators,
  15. It now required a licence in the same way as any other telecommunications operator.
  16. "' Moldtelecom "'is a national telecommunications operator in Moldova.
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