telecommunications policy research conference造句


  1. Greenstein was the Program Chair for the Telecommunication Policy Research Conference in 2000 and co-chair with Victor Stango for the conference on Standards and Public Policy, held at the Chicago Federal Reserve Board in 2005.
  2. See, " From A Novel Conference : The Origin of TPRC ", by Bruce M . Owen from the book : TELEPHONY, THE INTERNET, AND THE MEDIA Selected Papers from the 1997 Telecommunications Policy Research Conference.
  3. He also published numerous scholarly papers on public policies towards television broadcasting, space satellites and the radio spectrum resource, and participated frequently in conference panels on the same, for the American Economics Association, the Annenberg Washington Program, the Atlantic Economic Society, the International Institute of Communications, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the International Communications Association, the National Academy of Engineering, the National Research Council, the Pacific Telecommunications Council, the Annual Telecommunications Policy Research Conferences, and the Western Economic Association International.
  4. The annual "'Research Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy "'( commonly referred to as "'TPRC "'based on its historical name "'Telecommunications Policy Research Conference "') is a multidisciplinary forum where scholars engaged in publishable research relevant to issues of national and international policy on communications, information, and the Internet present their work for audiences of fellow scholars and public-and private-sector decision makers engaged in telecommunications, media, and information policy.
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