textile machine造句

"textile machine"是什麽意思   


  1. Air - conditioning fans , machine tools , textile machines
  2. Office equipment , textile machines , compact high - speed tools
  3. Study on new type hi - damp vibration isolator of textile machine
  4. Porcelain accessories for textile machines
  5. Graphical symbols for textile machines ; supplement to din 63201
  6. It's difficult to find textile machine in a sentence. 用textile machine造句挺難的
  7. Graphical symbols for textile machines
  8. Graphical symbols for textile machines - part 11 : supplement to din 63201
    紡織機械圖形符號.第11部分: din63201補充件
  9. Comment and analysis on noise intensities from textile machines made in different era
  10. The paper discusses the technology to develop tencel / linen blended yarn fabric on cotton textile machine
  11. Ability to individually troubleshoot mechanical problems , with experience of operation textile machine is an advantage
  12. Emtex5 grades are high quality non - staining oils for use in circular knitting machines and other textile machines
  13. Emtex8 performances high ability to cling to the metal so that it will not be easily displaced from the steel - circle of textile machines
  14. The paper shows that the flexible cam which is a mechatronical product will be widely used in textile machines and light industry
  15. We are specialized in producing small special electric motors , main production such as : clutch motor , induction motor , textile machine motor and ironing table motor , with annual production capability of 1500000 sets
    蕪湖微特電機有限公司是專業生產各種小功率特種電機的企業,主要產品包括工業縫紉機電機、分馬力電機、紡織機械電機、燙臺電機,年生產能力150萬臺(套) 。
  16. The year of 2002 saw the export growth of textile & apparel to us $ 61 . 8 billion , which directly drove our import of fibers , textiles & apparels , monomers & other raw materials for chemical fiber production , and textile machines for us $ 23 . 9 billion in the same year
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