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  1. The strategy to develop china ' s textile machinery industry in post - quota era
  2. Others : pm parts for automobile , motorcycle , household appliance , construction machinery and textile machinery industries
  3. The situation of shaanxi textile machinery industry is analyzed using theory of value chain and comparative analysis . some problems are found out and some countermeasures are given hence
  4. In the research course of this paper , the author first introduces and analyzes the domestic and external situation of enterprise cultural theoretical research , and points out the background and purpose of cultural construction in china textile machinery industry ; secondly , the author has elaborated the basic theory of enterprise culture including its meaning , its role , its structure , its structure and its developing tendency ; thirdly , the author has introduced the enterprise cultural construction situation of our country including major mistake district and the successful experience of the enterprise cultural construction of our country ; and pointed out the orientation of enterprise cultural construction to be suitable for our national condition ; fourthly , this paper has studied the development of the textile machinery industry , and analyzed the influence on our textile machinery industry after joining wto , meanwhile , it has also put forward some measures and countermeasures of developing our textile machiner y industry ; finally , it has emphatically studied enterprise culture construction on huangshi textile machinery factory , on the basis of analysing its successful experience and insufficiency , and pointed out some proposals and schemes to reconstruct enterprise culture on huangshi textile machinery factory
  5. This paper expounds that chinese textile machinery enterprises are confronted with developing opportunity and serious challenge after joining wto . it also puts forward that enterprise culture and conception are theoretical base . after investigating the present situation of the textile machinery industry of our country specially on - the - spot research on huangshi textile machinery factory belong to china textile machinery ( group ) corporate ( ctmc ) , the author points out the measure and countermeasure that develops textile machinery industry . on the basis of studying the enterprise culture construction on huangshi textile machinery factory as a typical case , the author puts forward some schemes and proposals on cultural construction in china textile machinery industry
    本課題以“入世”給中國紡織機械企業帶來了發展機遇和嚴重挑戰為背景,以企業文化理論和理念作為為理論基礎,在調查了解了我國紡織機械業的現狀,特別是實地調查研究中國紡織機械(集團)有限公司( ctmc )屬下企業黃石紡織機械廠的現狀后,提出了發展我國紡織機械業的對策與措施,并以對黃石紡織機械廠企業文化建設的實證研究為典型,提出我國紡織機械企業文化建設的建議和方向。
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