textile magnate造句


  1. Roger Milliken, South Carolina textile magnate : $ 255, 000
  2. Spartanburg has produced a project focused on textile magnate Roger Milliken.
  3. Moses Cone was a textile magnate and founder of Cone Mills.
  4. His father Seth Morarjee Goculdas was a pioneering textile magnate.
  5. William Kay, a Manchester textile magnate, bought the estate in 1823.
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  7. His running mate is a textile magnate with factories employing 16, 000 workers.
  8. Their father is a textile magnate who has bought his children the best protection money can buy.
  9. Another big donor to Buchanan's American Cause was Roger Milliken, a South Carolina textile magnate.
  10. His father, the son of a Shanghai textiles magnate, fled Mao's forces in 1949.
  11. Yung, 50, inherited his capitalist acumen from his family, a line of Shanghai textile magnates.
  12. Weizman has admitted accepting cash gifts from French textiles magnate Edouard Sarousi, but says he did nothing wrong.
  13. Weizman resigned July 10 after admitting he received more than $ 350, 000 from a French textile magnate.
  14. A son of a textile magnate, he was born in London in 1931 and named Robert William Arthur Cook.
  15. For all his buccaneering reputation, he had never fitted the cliche image of a bare-knuckled Lancashire textiles magnate.
  16. Joseph Skinner, a textile magnate, wanted a place for his daughter to play and commissioned Ross to build it.
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