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  1. rhode island was especially strong in textile manufacturing
  2. shanghai weilu textile manufacture co ., ltd
  3. certificate / diploma in garment / textile manufacturing, or equivalent
  4. the necessity for textile manufacture to establish strategic human resource management
  5. in computing, musical composition and textile manufacture combined their skills to create the musical t-shirt
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  7. china . vertically integrated group of textile manufacturing and trading companies . ready-made cotton men s shirts
  8. hexaalent chromium compounds are often used in electroplating, leather tanning, and textile manufacturing and hae been found in some drinking water sources
  9. a world textile manufacturing base should also be functioning as a processing center, a r & d center, an industry information center, a trade center, a logistic center, and a branding center
  10. jiashan jiehao artificial fur product co ., ltd . ( jiashan wayer garment & textile manufacture co ., ltd . ) is located in zhejiang jiashan economic development zone, with an area of 20000 sq . m
  11. with featured combination, the household textile industry has become another strong industry in haining . it is processing toward the “ advanced household textile manufacturing base of china ”
  12. he participated enthusiastically in all the surveying and construction works in this project . he later on took up important position in a textile manufacturing factory on the mainland and in kowloon textile industry ltd in hong kong
  13. "it allows you to jump around and the sound generated is just like an original mp3, " helmer said in a statement on monday . researchers specializing in computing, musical composition and textile manufacture combined their skills to create the musical t-shirt
  14. as an industrial engineering company during the passed ninety years, kones business covered different fields such as textile manufacture, healthcare equipments and hydraulic piping systems . however, kone has always taken elevators and escalators as its main business
  15. simultaneously, along with market acute competition, the fashion period of textile industry is getting shorter and shorter, it is a remarkable trend for modern textile manufactures to pursue zero stock, short period, small batch, high frequency and quickly delivering
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