the core issue造句

"the core issue"是什麽意思   


  1. The legal value is the core issue on the legal research
  2. Payment security is the core issue of electronic commerce
  3. Labour is the core issue in the changes of socio - economic structure
  4. In other word , the core issue of energy security is the reasonable energy price and stable energy supply
  5. The allocation of criminal proof responsibility is one of the core issues , as well as key norms in the substantive criminal law
  6. It's difficult to find the core issue in a sentence. 用the core issue造句挺難的
  7. " the state and society " , that is " the state and the civil society " is one of the core issues of western political sociology
    市民社會( civilsociety )是西方傳統政治哲學和社會理論中的一個核心概念。
  8. The first chapter is to outline the core issue of this paper and give the structure and major theoretic approaches to doing this study
  9. To understand the problematic of consumer protection in the common market context is to understand the core issue of european market integration
  10. The core issue between pakistan and india is kashmir conflict which has lasted for over half a century
  11. Therefore , the state council will continue downsizing and reorganizing , and the core issue of the reform will still be the transformation of the government functions
  12. To further improve corporate income tax system and make it adapt to chinese constantly deepen ing reform and opening up is the core issue of the thesis
  13. Hence , the core issues in kaohsiung ' s local development is to consider how to strengthen the ability of local development
  14. This deals with the personal thinking motivation , aim and manner of action , therefore the design of man - machine interface becomes the core issue of informative products
  15. The core issue in this regard is to determine the scope of civil prosecuration cases and the procedural status of procuratorates as one of parties in such kind of cases
  16. Identical with political economics in different times , economics studies the core issues of the field and the other fields concerned
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