the lords of the treasury造句

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  1. The Lords of the Treasury, the Commissioners of Customs, etc ., have none, being merely judges of the accounts.
  2. In November 1830 Nugent was made one of the Lords of the Treasury, but he resigned this position in August 1832, to become Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands.
  3. After 1809, the meetings of the Lords of the Treasury became largely " pro forma ", and the Prime Minister and Chancellor ceased to attend them in 1827.
  4. Soon after he had been made a baronet he presented a petition to the Lords of the Treasury, asking to be excused from paying The Crown the ?, 095 sum expected in return for his honour.
  5. For an unknown reason, on 28 April 1697 the Duke of Shrewsbury wrote to the Lords of the Treasury that amongst other payments, " Col . Nicholas Purcell should have 100l . " On 16 June 1699 Colonel Purcell was managing, with a Mr . Roberts, South and Savage, the estate of Viscount Kenmare, his father-in-law.
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  7. John Graham of Duchray was scarcely mentioned again, but in 1686, a pension was granted of five-hundred Scottish marks per year to John Graham of Duchray, with notice of that pension being given to James, Earl of Perth, and the Lords of the Treasury of Scotland, by King James the VII . The document discharged him of the feu duties which were due and unpaid, beginning in November of 1671, the same year as the christening in Aberfoyle.
  8. For some time negotiations had been in progress with the English government for the union of the sovereignty with the English crown; and in 1765 an act of parliament was passed to give effect to a contract between the lords of the treasury and the Duke and Duchess of Atholl for the purchase of the sovereignty of Man and its dependencies for ?0, 000, the duke and duchess retaining their manorial rights, the patronage of the bishopric and other ecclesiastical benefices, the fisheries, minerals, & c.


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