the ronin造句

"the ronin"是什麽意思   


  1. Casey kills Peter and tells Virgo to take her to the ronin.
  2. Casey is surprised to find herself falling in love with the ronin.
  3. Grateful, Denroku explains that the Ronin is Koheita Kadokura-- Tatsugoro's chief enforcer.
  4. So definitely there was controversy revolving around the legitimacy of the ronin's actions.
  5. The ronin kills both faction leaders, discards Head, and goes to rescue Casey.
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  7. The ronin were shamed Japanese samurai who had failed to defend their liege.
  8. Convinced of Virgo's story, Casey seeks permission to kill the ronin.
  9. The three man team who finds the ronin, however, is killed without hesitation.
  10. The Ronin marched through the snow with Lord Kira's head in a firebucket.
  11. He acts as the Ronin Warriors'mentor during their battle with Talpa.
  12. Hawkeye returns to see Dr . Strange and meets the Ronin.
  13. Sanada at once told the ronin to stop but they only doubled their efforts.
  14. Japan has it with the ronin myth; every culture has this Robin Hood idea.
  15. Hawkeye and Mockingbird team-up with the Ronin ) managed to best Trickshot in battle.
  16. Thus, instead of being executed as criminals, the ronin are allowed to perform seppuku.
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