the waiting list造句


  1. The waiting list in actuality seems to be a nebulous concept.
  2. If it is, the application goes on the waiting list.
  3. Only 25 of them managed to qualify for the waiting list.
  4. The waiting list for Jets seats stretches into the next century.
  5. Every day, 12 people on the waiting list will die.
  6. It's difficult to find the waiting list in a sentence. 用the waiting list造句挺難的
  7. There are 60 people on the waiting list ahead of her,
  8. The waiting list is four weeks, more than 500 people.
  9. She now is back near the top of the waiting list.
  10. He was jumped over hundreds of candidates on the waiting list.
  11. Rational, schmational-- get me on the waiting list.
  12. Some 150 addicts are on the waiting list, she said.
  13. The waiting list is growing five times faster than the supply.
  14. The waiting list for minis is now several weeks'long.
  15. The waiting list includes six-time major winner Nick Faldo.
  16. He was on the waiting list for an Aptera 2 Series.
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