the waiting造句


  1. Spain advanced to the second round by playing the waiting game.
  2. The waiting list in actuality seems to be a nebulous concept.
  3. Some of the waiting reporters speculated that he had killed himself.
  4. If it is, the application goes on the waiting list.
  5. Clinton seems to be winning the waiting game, he said.
  6. It's difficult to find the waiting in a sentence. 用the waiting造句挺難的
  7. Only 25 of them managed to qualify for the waiting list.
  8. Now, the waiting may soon be over, Conrad said.
  9. The system, once operational, will replace the waiting period.
  10. Prospective teachers cram the waiting room and camp in the hallway.
  11. I've gotten tired of the waiting game ."
  12. "The Waiting Room " invigorates as it astonishes.
  13. The waiting list for Jets seats stretches into the next century.
  14. And if the waiting driver got impatient and honked the horn?
  15. The waiting period had been due to expire Aug . 14.
  16. I'm just basically playing the waiting game ."
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