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  1. The lowest stretch of the rivers combine to form the tidal harbour and estuary of Looe.
  2. Dredging ceased in the 1960s when Nobel stopped importing raw materials and Irvine became a'tidal harbour '.
  3. In the eighteenth century there was a small unprotected tidal harbour at Bude, but it was difficult whenever the sea was up.
  4. In 1966, work commenced on the construction of the new Port Talbot Tidal Harbour, south-west of the existing docks system.
  5. On the morning of 16 December tidal harbour, and at low tide it was difficult for the cruisers to get out to sea.
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  7. In addition to tourism related to the park, lobster and scallop fishing are an important industry based out of Alma's tidal harbour.
  8. It includes a large tidal harbour at the mouth of the Eatonville Brook beside several dramatic sea stacks known as the " Three Sisters ".
  9. In 1966, work commenced on the construction of the new "'Port Talbot Tidal Harbour "', south-west of the existing docks system.
  10. Lives have been lost due to ill-advised attempts to reach the " Vina " as it is on the far side of a fast-flowing tidal harbour channel.
  11. Perhaps there was some aspect of the design of the " Transit ", say her problems in shallow tidal harbours, or the strange way of her sailing, that killed off the Company's enthusiasm.
  12. The Tidal Harbour Commissioners report on Irvine Harbour in 1847 contained the information that there was " a signal post upon an eminence close to the harbour upon which balls are raised to indicate the state of the tide ".
  13. At an inquest into the state of harbours undertaken by the Tidal Harbours Commission in 1846 the opinion was expressed that if Grimsby the new dock as well as better inland communications it would become the popular and natural fishing port for the east coast.
  14. On reflection it became apparent that Broadhurst also used " Xantho " primarily as a sailing ship and would not have used the ship's engine other than to assist the vessel when proceeding against the wind, especially when entering the often difficult tidal harbours on the north-west coast.


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