timber arch造句

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  1. The igloo is a form of light nailed timber arch construction.
  2. The verandas have dowel balustrades, lattice valances and timber arch brackets.
  3. It features soaring timber arches, stained glass windows and handicraft detailing.
  4. Broad timber arches are located along the side walls of the transepts.
  5. Two decorative timber arches lattice and criss-cross balustrading.
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  7. Throughout the building the footings of the laminated timber arches are exposed.
  8. Laminated timber arches support the roof and the level floor is timber.
  9. Some timber arches are probably missing from the timeline in the 19th century.
  10. The porch is decorated with a timber arch and other ornate timber detailing.
  11. It is divided about mid-way along by a slatted timber arch.
  12. Full width timber arches separate the stage and gallery areas from the hall.
  13. The hall is bisected by a timber arch with moulded pilasters, keystone.
  14. The hall has a timber arch with decorative brackets separating vestibule from stairwell.
  15. Timber arches mark the transition between the earlier central core and the wings.
  16. These slender, pointed timber arches spring from moulded capitals on the aisle posts.
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