tonkin gulf造句


  1. At least LBJ had to phony up the Tonkin Gulf provocation.
  2. On 30 April, she set a course for the Tonkin Gulf.
  3. On the 20th, she anchored off Doson Peninsula, Tonkin Gulf.
  4. The Tonkin Gulf incident would occur several weeks later.
  5. The Forrestal was stationed in the Tonkin Gulf, preparing for a mission.
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  7. Congress approved these powers in the Tonkin Gulf Resolution.
  8. The ship returned to the Tonkin Gulf for operations.
  9. Nevertheless, authorities were worried about more rain from storms in the Tonkin Gulf.
  10. I swore to myself that I was never going to be a Tonkin Gulf congressman,
  11. McNamara said later that Giap's word settled the Tonkin Gulf debate for him.
  12. In early April she briefly visited Hong Kong, then resumed operations in Tonkin Gulf.
  13. In August, two months later, the Tonkin Gulf incidents triggered an American military response.
  14. On that day 38 years ago a near-unanimous Congress approved the Tonkin Gulf Resolution.
  15. Until the end of the month, she operated in Tonkin Gulf with the aircraft carrier.
  16. At the end of October, she returned to Tonkin Gulf for search and rescue duty.
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