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  1. Cystamine is toxic if swallowed or inhaled and potentially harmful by contact.
  2. Some oils can be toxic if swallowed neat.
  3. Like other nitrite salts such as sodium nitrite, potassium nitrite is toxic if swallowed, and laboratory tests suggest that it may be mutagenic or teratogenic.
  4. While botulinum toxin is highly toxic if swallowed, it isn't very dangerous by inhalation, said David Franz, a bioweapons defense expert at the Southern Research Institute, an affiliate of the University of Alabama in Birmingham.
  5. :* Also as a mouthwash / gargle, although you might want to avoid iodine there, as it tastes awful, and use grain alcohol rather than rubbing alcohol, which is toxic if swallowed . talk ) 15 : 46, 1 March 2016 ( UTC)
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