transmission access造句

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  1. To address the emerging field of transmission access and energy wheeling.
  2. We give more wholesale transmission access than any company in the country.
  3. Legislation continues the requirement for open and non discriminatory transmission access in New Brunswick.
  4. TSOs are obliged to provide non-discriminatory transmission access to electricity generators and customers.
  5. Salt River was awarded the contract Nov . 7 and given 10 work days to secure transmission access.
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  7. In addition, uncertainty over the federal government control of transmission access could have affected state decisions on whether to embrace electricity competition.
  8. ISO / RTOs provide non-discriminatory transmission access, facilitating competition among wholesale suppliers to improve transmission service and provide fair electricity prices.
  9. Concerning the issue of opening transmission access through the creation of regional networks, Hebert supports a voluntary process while Enron seeks a faster and more compulsory system.
  10. "But I don't see anything in this that would keep us from moving ahead with open transmission access and these types of things ."
  11. "But I don't see anything in this that would keep us from moving ahead with open transmission access and these types of things,"
  12. El Paso Electric said talks broke down because Salt River underestimated the cost of obtaining transmission access when preparing its bid for the CFE contract, and was unwilling to pay El Paso Electric enough to cover those costs.
  13. "Hebert still has undeserved confidence in some of the vertically integrated companies coming to the table and dealing openly " with transmission access issues, said Richard S . Shapiro, an Enron senior vice president.
  14. The expense of constructing new transmission access is such a high barrier to market entry that private companies have begun investing in transmission infrastructure with the hope of lowering the cost of new wind projects ( see Atlantic Wind Connection ).
  15. The staff report said the alleged misconduct involving these companies included hiding the extent of their mutual business dealings, using middlemen to disguise transactions, failing to comply with federal rules on open transmission access and failing to have adequate operating reserves.
  16. The primary stated mission of the CAISO is to " operate the grid reliably and efficiently, provide fair and open transmission access, promote environmental stewardship, and facilitate effective markets and promote infrastructure development . " The CAISO is one of the largest ISOs in the world, delivering 300 million megawatt-hours of electricity each year and managing about 80 % of California's electric flow.


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