1. Transmittal coefficient of toothed barrier in superlattice
  2. Kindly fax to us at 6082 411 477 the transmittal receipt issued by the bank or notify us via email at
    請將匯款收據傳真到6082 411 477或者通過電子郵件致
  3. Because of its high transmittal speed and low cost , adsl is becoming more popular and promising
  4. Originate digital transmittal signals for anti - theft touch , farther messaging distance , and stronger air - penetration
  5. Situation limits and complements the information carried by linguistic expressions , and makes the transmittal of definite and concrete information possible
  6. It's difficult to find transmittal in a sentence. 用transmittal造句挺難的
  7. Encryption technology allows secure transmittal of information along the internet by encoding the transmitted data using a mathematical formula that scrambles the data
  8. Finally , the application of the model of data remote transmittal based on ca authentication in aerotech manufacture corporation quality control system is illustrated in the dissertation
  9. For this change , all bidders should provide supplementary detail design , relevant equipment ' s supply and installation & testing service to ensure successful signal transmittal from pumping station to wastewater treatment plant
  10. Firstly , hart protocol is illustrated , its fsk physical layer specifies the transmittal manner of signal and voltage of signal . data link layer specifies the device type and data transport protocols
    Hart協議采用iso osi簡化模型, iso osi分為七個功能層, hart協議只用了第一、二、七層,即物理層,數據鏈路層和應用層。
  11. The model , on extent , can keep sensitive data safe in most enterprises . in the dissertation , importance of data transmittal and database security are illustrated , the customer requisite analysis and the entire design are elaborated as well
  12. Because of development of intelligent , data remote administration and transmittal in some enterprises , it is necessary for us to research and develop data security products for them to meet the demands of communication security in networks
  13. During the designing of data transmission system , we should assure the dependability of transmission , descend the transmittal power and decrease the volume . therefore , using error control technology in base - band processing unit is consumedly important
  14. According to the result of the field observation , the design by load equivalent simplification and plotting out representative local models following spatial strut - and - tie theory are obviously practical , recommendations for design on the basis of the result are put forward , including skipping rafts processing straight transmittal function so as to induce thickness of the plank and use of reinforced steel
  15. Where a contracting party allows the transmittal of communications to the office by telefacsimile , it shall consider the communication signed if , on the printout produced by the telefacsimile , the reproduction of the signature , or the reproduction of the seal togetherwith , where required under paragraph ( 1 ) ( iv ) , the indication in letters of the name of the natural person whose seal is used , appears
    締約方允許以傳真向商標主管機關傳送文函的,如傳真紙上印出簽字或印出印章及第( 1 )款第(四)項要求的使用印章的自然人以字母標示的姓名,應將文函視為已簽名。
  16. The whole system is divided into four modules : client authentication , sql resolution , data transmittal and synchronization backup . in addition , the implementation of client authentication , sql resolution and synchronization backup is elucidated , and how to implement such functions as client certificate requisition , client validation , sql resolution and recombination was granted more emphasis
    此外,本文還重點闡述了客戶身份認證模塊、 sql解析模塊、數據同步安全備份,結合相關的關鍵的代碼,具體分析了個功能模塊的實現過程,詳細介紹了如何申請客戶證書,如何驗證客戶身份,如何對客戶端發送過來的sql語句的解析和重組等問題。
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