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  1. X - ray diffraction ( xrd ) , photoluminescence spectra , transmittance spectra , and van der pauw experiment are employed to study the electrical and optical properties of azo films
  2. The results indicate that ( a ) before heat treatment , with the increasing of substrate temperatures , content of lower valency ( tij + ) decreases , the stoichiometric proportion of o / ti in all samples is about 2 ; the films have amorphous incompact columnar fiber structure , and with the increasing of substrate temperature , the size of columnar fiber increases ; the films have good hyalescence in visible range and great absorbability at the wavelength of 350nm ; optical constants of the films are calculated from the transmittance spectrums in visible range by mathematical analysis of the orders of interference , the results show that the refractive ind
    研究結果表明, ( a )熱處理前,隨著基片溫度的增加,薄膜中的低價氧化鈦含量逐漸減少,化學計量比趨于o ti = 2 ;薄膜具有非晶態不致密的柱狀纖維結構,柱狀纖維的尺寸隨基片溫度的升高而增加;薄膜在可見光范圍內透明,在波長為35onzn時嚴重吸收,利用干涉級次法分析了薄膜的光學常數,結果表明,薄膜的折射率隨基片溫度的升高而增加,根據計算結果得到了tioz薄膜在不同基片溫度下的折射率色散曲線。
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