1. Del Tredici recommends it as an informal hedge or a specimen.
  2. Del Tredici said that something else might have killed the trees.
  3. Copland's composition style remains an influence on Del Tredici.
  4. David Del Tredici, 59, is in residence again this summer.
  5. Del Tredici said, rubbing his hands with some glee.
  6. It's difficult to find tredici in a sentence. 用tredici造句挺難的
  7. Del Tredici calls the ginkgo " a persistent pioneer ."
  8. In 1964, Del Tredici met Aaron Copland at Tanglewood.
  9. The composer David Del Tredici sees Foss's eclecticism as a virtue.
  10. Del Tredici's music sounded like Richard Strauss as a cocktail pianist.
  11. Former faculty include naturalist and author Don Stokes and botanist Peter Del Tredici.
  12. He also sculpted the Monument of Liberty in Piazza Tredici martiri in Lovere.
  13. But Del Tredici has said as much before.
  14. Del Tredici is considered a " pioneer " of the Neo-Romantic movement.
  15. Whether one finds Del Tredici's music exhilirating or infuriating, it remains unique.
  16. Dr . Del Tredici saw some in China that were more than 100 feet high.
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