1. Parker was born at Tredington ( which was then in Worcestershire ).
  2. Until 1931, Tredington, like Shipston, formed part of Worcestershire.
  3. Politically the village is twinned with neighbouring Tredington, as Stoke Orchard parish.
  4. Stoke Orchard is aligned with nearby Tredington to form the Parish of Stoke Orchard.
  5. In 1563, he became Tredington in Worcestershire.
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  7. Population details are included within Tredington.
  8. Elmstone Hardwicke is in the borough of Tewkesbury, the Cheltenham post town, and on the Tredington.
  9. The family were yeoman farmers, settled since about 1291 at Tredington on the Warwickshire / Worcestershire borders of Midland England.
  10. The chief authority is a eulogistic life by a friend, William Durham, Harris's kinsman and minister of Tredington.
  11. Stoke Orchard is in the borough of Tewkesbury, the Cheltenham post town, and on the Tredington and Bishop's Cleeve.
  12. "' Tredington "'is a parish and small village located two miles north of Shipston-on-Stour in Warwickshire.
  13. Membership was not just restricted to the local gentry; it also boasted wealthy patrons such as Lady Margaret Beaufort, Sir Henry Stafford and East and West Hagbourne, Berkshire and Tredington, Gloucestershire.
  14. The River Stour runs through Tredington, and it was here that Geoff Crabtree caught the second largest pike ever to have been landed in the UK, weighing in at 45 lb 7oz ( 20.6 kg ).
  15. The little church of St John the Baptist in Tredington is known for its wooden tower, a twelfth-century architectural plan, medieval stone benches, and the fossil of an ichthyosaurus displayed upon the floor of its porch.
  16. He also received shortly afterwards the prebend of Shipton-Underwood in Salisbury Cathedral, the rectory of Tredington, Worcestershire; and in 1545 a pension on the loss of his canonry by dissolution at the Priory of St Frideswide, Oxford.
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