1. Tredinnick is a supporter of alternative medicine and critical of science.
  2. Tredinnick believes that new music is the natural result of faith.
  3. Tredinnick's appointment to the Science and Technology Committee also drew criticism.
  4. In 1990, Tredinnick wrote the stage thriller " Twist ".
  5. This scandal led to Tredinnick and one other MP being suspended from Parliament.
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  7. She defeated fellow GP David Tredinnick to the role.
  8. Tredinnick's poetry often employs a long, stepped-down line.
  9. When the train comes to a village, Mrs . Tredinnick goes into labour.
  10. Both Riddick and fellow Conservative MP David Tredinnick were accused of accepting cash for asking questions.
  11. Created and written by Miles Tredinnick, the six episode series was transmitted in the autumn of 1988.
  12. Tredinnick also co-wrote the song " Hottest Woman In Town " with Andy Miller in 1982.
  13. Mark Tredinnick won the Montreal International Poetry Prize in 2011 and the Cardiff International Poetry Prize in 2012.
  14. David Tredinnick, 45, was suspended for 20 days and Graham Riddick, 39, for 10 days.
  15. In July 2013, Tredinnick sponsored an Early Day Motion congratulating a farmer for his decision to use homeopathy.
  16. Riff Regan released solo records before reverting to his real name of Miles Tredinnick and becoming a comedy writer.
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