1. Common tools for this application include the Transportation Economic Development Impact System ( TREDIS ) and TranSight.
  2. TREDIS has been most commonly used for assessing the expected economic impacts of statewide highway programs, regional multi-modal plans and public transport investment.
  3. The role of economic impact analysis and TREDIS in the transportation planning process is explained in guidebooks of the US Department of Transportation and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.
  4. "' Transportation Economic Development Impact System "'( "'TREDIS "') is a web-based analysis system that is used in planning major transportation investments in the US and Canada.
  5. In the US, both federal and state transport departments commonly apply CBA, using a variety of available software tools including HERS, BCA . Net, StatBenCost, Cal-BC, and TREDIS . Guides are available from the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, Minnesota Department of Transportation, California Department of Transportation ( Caltrans ), and the Transportation Research Board Transportation Economics Committee.
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