1. Minardi's Technical Director Gabriele Tredozi was quoted saying.
  2. While studying mechanical engineering at Bologna University, Tredozi began working for Minardi as an assistant race engineer.
  3. Tredozi said Minardi is better prepared than last year and is well placed " to make progress on the track this season ."
  4. Toro Rosso announced during the week leading up to the Grand Prix, that they had signed Alex Hitzinger as their new technical director to replace Gabriele Tredozi.
  5. In 1997, following the departure of Aldo Costa to Toyota in 2001, Tredozi became technical director, where he controlled the day-to-day operation of the drawing office as well as the technical staff.
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  7. He then worked for M193 chassis, before another switch, to Ferrari's Research & Development department, eventually returning to Minardi as chief designer in 1997 to help new technical director, Gabriele Tredozi, and became the technical director in 1999.
  8. A substantial amount of downforce is provided by using a rear vortices created by open wheels lead to a high aerodynamic drag coefficient ( about 1 according to Minardi's technical director Gabriele Tredozi; compare with the average modern saloon car, which has a " C " " d " value between 0.25 and 0.35 ), so that, despite the enormous power output of the engines, the top speed of these cars is less than that of World War II vintage Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union Silver Arrows racers.


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