1. A lot of the best attributes of Gary Tredway are still here.
  2. Philanthropist Alfred Tredway White built two experimental housing projects in the neighborhood.
  3. Tredway insists that Augustana cannot be a source of free-flowing cash.
  4. That is the way Tredway lived for 28 years.
  5. In 1850, Tredway was elected to the Virginia Constitutional Convention of 1850.
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  7. Gary Tredway, 51, an apart ment hotel owner, is not talking.
  8. Friends and acquaintances say Tredway was an introvert.
  9. Even the way Tredway and Grossman met five years ago reflects the social shyness.
  10. The following year, Tredway signed his interest in the property over to Gold.
  11. Tredway also began buying and selling real estate.
  12. After graduation, Tredway joined the American Hockey League's New Haven Nighthawks.
  13. A year later, Tredway changed the name of the business to Prime Motor Co.
  14. The Arizona Republic quoted a source who knows Tredway as saying he admitted being Mechanic.
  15. Neither idea sits well with Tredway.
  16. Tredway pursued other business ventures, including a used-auto dealership in the early 1980s.
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