trogir cathedral造句


  1. His tomb is located in the Trogir Cathedral ( Chapel of Saint Ivan Trogiranin ).
  2. An inscription on the sarcophagus of Prince Mladen Subic ( died 1348 ) in the Trogir Cathedral consists of 22 verses.
  3. "Main portal of Trogir cathedral ", done by artisan Radovan, is the greatest and the most important monument of medieval sculpture, not only in Croatia but also in all Balkans.
  4. During the restoration work on the chapel, Venetian Heritage organized a show of the Trogir Cathedral's treasures in Venice at the Church of San Barnaba near the Accademia museum ( until Nov . 4 ).
  5. In that period the stone portal of the Trogir Cathedral was made by Renaissance had the greatest impact on the Adriatic Sea coast since the remainder of Croatia was embroiled in the Hundred Years'Croatian Ottoman War.
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  7. After his stay in Hungary, Giovanni Dalmata returned to Trogir ( Tra?in Italian ) where he left a number of works, most important among those is the statue of St . John the Evangelist in the Orsini Chapel in Trogir Cathedral.
  8. A 15th-century painting of St . Jerome, the hermit scholar, on the Trogir Cathedral's organ has now been attributed to the workshop of Jacopo Bellini, the father of Giovanni Bellini, the most revered painter of 15th-century Venice.
  9. A polychrome stone statue of the archangel Gabriel, circa 1330, from Trogir Cathedral, signed by Maestro Mauro, is uncannily similar in pose, facial modeling, carved drapery and silhouette to a marble angel made for an Annunciation in St . Mark's in Venice about 1335.


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