1. It is a troglobite, spending its entire life in subterranean caves.
  2. This troglobite is a reddish-brown beetle about 7 or 8 millimeters long.
  3. This isopod is a troglobite, an organism that spends its entire life in subterranean caves.
  4. It is a true troglobite, adapted to the life underground and unable to survive outside.
  5. Of the 41 species, 14 blind troglobite species live in subterranean eceosystems in Western Australia.
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  7. A troglobite, it lacks pigment, making it white in color, it and has only rudimentary eyes.
  8. Some fish ( popularly known as cavefish ) and other troglobite organisms are adapted to life in subterranean rivers and lakes.
  9. Development of the olm and other troglobite amphibians is characterized by heterochrony  the animal does not undergo metamorphosis and instead retains larval features.
  10. But it is now known as a troglobite form of " Rhamdia quelen ", with reduced eye size and reduced pigmentation.
  11. They are blind troglobites, and I will be assessing the troglobite populations to see what shape they are in, " he said.
  12. The lack of eyes and body pigment and the long legs are adaptations for life as a troglobite, an animal which spends its whole life in dark caves.
  13. The " troglobite " faunal species found, typical of such caves, are the endemic species of " Trechus Pico Machado " and " Cixius azopicavuz Hoch ."
  14. Finally, Hickmanoxyomma gibbergunyar also known as the Mole Creek Cave Harvestman is a troglobite species, present in many of the cave systems in the Mole Creek area, and is endemic to the Mole Creek Karst.
  15. Seven more species of troglobite crustaceans and springtails were discovered in " Noah's Ark Cave ", as the "'Ayyalon Cave "'has been dubbed by journalists, several of them unknown to science.
  16. The "'Texas blind salamander "'( " Eurycea rathbuni " ) is a rare cave-dwelling troglobite amphibian native to San Marcos, Hays County, Texas, specifically the San Marcos Pool of the Edwards Aquifer.
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