1. Of these animals, the troglobites are perhaps the most unusual organisms.
  2. Some species ( mainly troglobites ) have no functional eyes at all.
  3. His research focuses on the faunistics of troglobites and speleology in general.
  4. Troglobites are usually found in the deep cave zone.
  5. Only two of the species are confirmed as troglobites, or restricted to caves.
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  7. Troglobites typically have evolutionary adaptations to cave life.
  8. Troglobites commonly do not survive well outside caves and therefore cannot travel between separate cave systems.
  9. The main threat to this and other local troglobites is the loss of their karst cave habitat.
  10. There are some species that live in caves, but only three troglobites are recorded for the family.
  11. The Bexar County karst cave invertebrates are troglobites, species that spend their entire lives in subterranean environments.
  12. Other aquatic troglobites include cave fish, and cave salamanders such as the olm and the Texas blind salamander.
  13. All members of " Schistura " live in stream and river habitats; some inhabit caves ( troglobites ).
  14. Strictly speaking, in contrast to troglobites, creatures that shelter in caves but go out to feed, are trogloxenes.
  15. They are blind troglobites, and I will be assessing the troglobite populations to see what shape they are in, " he said.
  16. According to his opinion, the bigger amount of water is favorable for the growth of stygobites and troglobites which are abundant in the aipun cave.
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