1. The Alabama cavefish is one of the rarest troglobitic fish species in North America.
  2. The genus also includes a troglobitic species, " G . ankaranensis ".
  3. This species is troglobitic, inhabiting the stream that flows through a single cave system.
  4. Troglobitic species often show a number of characteristics, termed troglomorphic, associated with their adaptation to subterranean life.
  5. It is endemic to Jamaica, troglobitic, and currently known from only two sites, both in northern St . Catherine.
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  7. ""'Caecogobius cryptophthalmus " "'is a species of troglobitic goby endemic to caves in the Philippines.
  8. ""'Orotrechus " "'is a genus of troglobitic beetles in the family Carabidae, containing the following species:
  9. Lass of Nottingham University ( in Hazelton, 1974 ) made extensive faunal collections in Boho Caves which included the identification of the troglobitic Collembolan ( ).
  10. ""'Speonectes tiomanensis " "'is a troglobitic species of SL . This species is the only known member of its genus.
  11. Troglofauna have also been discovered within the cave systems; these include the schizomid " Draculoides bramstokeri " and perhaps the only troglobitic reptile " Ramphotyphlops longissimus ".
  12. ""'Draconectes narinosus " "'is a species of troglobitic stone loach known only from a cave on Van Gio Island in Halong Bay, Vietnam.
  13. Invertebrates include springtails of the species " Troglopedetes jamaicanus ", fungal gnats, troglobitic spiders ( Nesticidae ), larval " Neodytomyia farri " and the invasive roach Periplaneta americana.
  14. The Heptapteridae include a few troglobitic species in the genera " Pimelodella ", " Rhamdia ", and " Taunayia ", as well as in an undescribed genus.
  15. ""'Typhleotris pauliani " "'is a species of troglobitic sleeper goby endemic to Madagascar, where it is only known from caves in the southwestern portion of the island.
  16. ""'Typhleotris madagascariensis " "'is a species of troglobitic sleeper goby endemic to Madagascar, where it is only known from underground waters in the southwestern portion of the island.
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