trust it造句


  1. "I don't trust it anymore ."
  2. But sometimes you listen to your gut and trust its rumblings.
  3. "It's hard to trust it ."
  4. Not everyone who has a computer at home trusts it entirely.
  5. We don't trust it, " he said.
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  7. "He's got to trust it ."
  8. "Would anybody trust it ? " he asked.
  9. But the question is whether discerning food shoppers will trust it.
  10. "I don't trust it here,"
  11. Trust it to be there when it's supposed to be.
  12. And, by the way, you can trust its PG rating.
  13. The American public trusts its government _ to a point.
  14. Nobody associated with the picture is willing to trust its hilarious premise.
  15. Putts break certain ways, you've got to trust it.
  16. Just trust it and go on and let it take me somewhere.
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