trust management造句

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  1. research on trust management framework of e-commerce
  2. active directory trust management technology sample
  3. research on trust management and its application integration technologies
  4. 18 blaze m, feigenbaum j, ioannidis i et al . the role of trust management in distributed systems security
  5. allowance raises fund the standard chooses the unit of 6 % conditionally, can trust management of orgnaization of social insurance agency
  6. It's difficult to find trust management in a sentence. 用trust management造句挺難的
  7. there are also other scholars who think that bot is a kind of trust management or a way of investment or a kind of project financing
  8. the result is performance for lower than it should be and employees who do not respect or trust management and who are not fully engaged with their work
  9. 4 ) advances a role delegation supported logic d1lp-r based on delegation logic ( d1lp ), and utilizes d1lp-r to realize trust management in mas
  10. aiming the applications of pki at peer-to-peer networks ( p2p ), we provide an elegant composite model for trust and authorization to solve trust management problem efficiently
  11. the exchange message format used by pgp, the implementation and principle of pgp security service and the principle of key and trust management of pgp are set forth . in addition, the implementation of the secure email client is elaborated
  12. the whole system is divided into access and control of outlook express module, user interface module, security service embedding module, key and trust management module, provision of security service module and configuration module in this dissertation
  13. multi-agent system ( mas ) has great potential to be the mainstream distributed computing mode on internet . but, to make this to be reality, on one hand, we must continually develop the key technologies of mas, such as communicating, ontology, content language, information discovery, coordinate, trust management and so on
  14. 25 yin g, teng m, wang h m, jia y, shi d x . an authorization framework based on constrained delegation . in second international symposium on parallel and distributed processing and applications ispa 2004, pp . 845-857.26 yin g, wang h m, jia y, wu q y . research and design of trust management middleware
  15. some simulation experiments are carried out to verify our conclusions . in order to introduce ibbk model into pki system to resolve inflexibility of trust control and much risk of trust, integrity, authentication, no-repudiation guarantee and time stamp services should be satisfied . this paper designs ibbk trust computation engine of pki combining ibbk trust computing model and trust management model
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