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"trust mark"是什麽意思   


  1. Gabriel accepts this story, but still does not trust Mark, so Mark leaves angrily.
  2. I would trust Mark with my life.
  3. The split subsequently led to the launch of ConsumerTrust, BusinessTrust and PrivacyTrust in the trust mark market deployment programme.
  4. Euroinnova is also Institutional Member of the Spanish Society of Education ( SEP ) and features Trust Mark Online.
  5. In October 2015, Keating was announced as Ambassador for Positive Luxury, a London-based company which globally awards luxury brands with an interactive Trust Mark for meeting sustainability & ethical business criteria.
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  7. The presence of this seal or trust mark helps consumers determine how much weight they should give to the testimonials they are reading before making a decision to support a business.
  8. Once the testimonials, reviews and / or results are verified, the company can include them in their profiles and add a'trust mark'similar to that of Verisign, the Better Business Bureau, or Good Housekeeping.
  9. He also worked in the trust mark certification market in Singapore, rolling out CaseTrust before the internal split in CASE that led to a split between CNSG, Retail Promotion Centre and new CASE management.
  10. MUIC is one of only two higher education institutions ( the other being with Chulalongkorn University s Sasin Graduate School ) to have received the'Thailand Trust Mark'from the Thai Ministry of Commerce, indicating the high quality educational services that the college provides.
  11. Off to the land of the American League, where teams dispense with those wimpy sacrifice bunts, play for four runs an inning rather than one, and trust Mark McGwire or Ken Griffey Jr . to take care of the night's business with one or two crushing swings.
  12. In 1987, Bankers Trust Mark Standish and David Spaughton, were in Tokyo on business when " they developed the first commercially used pricing formula for options linked to the average price of crude oil . " They called this exotic option, the Asian option, because they were in Asia.


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