trust merchant bank造句


  1. The city hosts the headquarters of one of the country's largest banks, Trust Merchant Bank.
  2. There are many other industries, such as Trust Merchant Bank, located in the heart of the city.
  3. "This was at the top end of estimates, " said analyst Janelle Matharoo of Bankers Trust merchant bank in London.
  4. In cities where the central bank is not present, a commercial bank can be appointed to represent it; Trust Merchant Bank performs such a role in Likasi and Kolwezi.
  5. Today, about 20 digital financial service providers such as the Trust Merchant Bank, Soci閠?G閚閞ale and Cofina use the TagPay platform to offer their customers financial services via cell phone.
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  7. "' Trust Merchant Bank "'or "'TMB "', is an independent commercial bank based in the Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC ), with its headquarters located in Lubumbashi.
  8. He was being sued for ?45, 000 by the Bankers Trust merchant bank in relation to an agreement made with the French company Ernest Marples et Cie . and he had been convicted of drinking and driving for which he received a one-year ban and a ?5 fine.


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