trust party造句


  1. Currently she has joined National Trust Party ( Amanah ).
  2. Taylor stood again on the Trust Party ticket in Perth and North Perthshire.
  3. The Barisan Nasional candidate for National Trust Party ( PAN ), its vice chairman Ahmad Termizi Ramli.
  4. The Barisan Nasional candidate was Budiman Mohd Zohdi from National Trust Party ( PAN ) as its candidate.
  5. In 1965 Turhan Feyziolu, one of his prot間閟 left CHP and formed his own party The Trust Party ( G黺en Partisi ).
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  7. "' Mohd Sany Hamzan "'is the first and current Youth's Chief of National Trust Party ( Amanah ).
  8. They state  Culture expectations that party goers drink heavily and trust party-mates become problematic when combined with expectations that women be nice and defer to men.
  9. After the Kuwait invasion and defeat, he worked to shore up his forces and eventually began to trust party loyalists over his family, including two of his sons who he killed after giving them amnesty.


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