tube amplifier造句

"tube amplifier"是什麽意思   


  1. Chaotic electron motion in a traveling - wave tube amplifier
  2. The design of ka - band coupled - cavity traveling wave tube amplifier
  3. Travelling wave tube amplifier
  4. Vacuum tube amplifiers used the first time in coast - to - coast telco circuits
  5. Limit cycle oscillating and chaos of the radiation field in a traveling wave tube amplifier
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  7. Threshold analysis for the limit cycle and chaotic oscillation of the radiation field in a traveling wave tube amplifier
  8. The mlytic hv electrolytic capacitors have been developed from the latest materials and under utilization of the most modern manufacturing technique especially for the requirements of tube amplifiers
    M - lytic hv電解電容,從最新的材質和利用最新的現代制造技術之下開發而成,尤其是為了真空管機要求開發
  9. Because gyrotron traveling wave tube amplifier ( gyro - twt ) is an important millimeter wave amplifier with the characteristics of the high output power , the broadband width , and good efficiency , which has vast application vistas in many areas such as millimeter radar , communications , electronic countermeasure , and so forth , it has been pay much respect in the world
    回旋行波管是一種大功率、高效率、寬頻帶放大器,在毫米波雷達,通信與電子戰等方面有十分重要的應用前景,因而在國際上受到高度重視。由俄羅斯人g . denisov等提出的螺旋波紋波導是一種比較理想的結構。


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