1. Berwick and its southern neighbour Tweedmouth now have their own cemeteries.
  2. The Kelso line near Coldstream and the Kelso to Tweedmouth line.
  3. Five stations to be closed on Tweedmouth-St Boswellls Line.
  4. For more information on this creation, see Baron Tweedmouth.
  5. He advanced eastwards to the little port of Tweedmouth, in contested Northumberland.
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  7. Tweedmouth was destroyed in sight of the English army : Edward did not move.
  8. Marjoribanks ( born 1906 ), daughter of the 3rd and last Baron Tweedmouth.
  9. It is built from sandstone quarried at Tweedmouth.
  10. Lord Tweedmouth survived his wife by five years and died in September 1909, aged 60.
  11. The Tweedmouth junction faced south, so that Berwick to Kelso trains had to reverse there.
  12. On 15 June 1964 passenger services were withdrawn along the whole line between Tweedmouth and St Boswells.
  13. Four passenger trains ran each way every weekday between Newcastle and Morpeth, and between Chathill and Tweedmouth.
  14. The junction at Tweedmouth faced the south, so that through trains from Berwick had to reverse there.
  15. They had two daughters, Moyra and Millicent Joan and the title Baron Tweedmouth became extinct on his death.
  16. Mary Georgiana Marjoribanks ( 1850  14 March 1909 ), daughter of Dudley Marjoribanks, 1st Baron Tweedmouth.
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