tweedsmuir south provincial park造句


  1. Monarch is in the southern end of Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park.
  2. Knot Lakes, tributary to the North Klinaklini River, extend north into Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park.
  3. Also within this region is Hunlen Falls, among the highest in Canada, located in Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park.
  4. Surrounding and including the range is Itcha Ilgachuz Provincial Park, a 112, 000-hectare park of unique landscape in the West Chilcotin Uplands while the Rainbow Range lies partly in the Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park.
  5. Tweedsmuir Provincial Park in British Columbia, now divided into Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park and Tweedsmuir North Provincial Park and Protected Area, was created in 1938 to commemorate Buchan's 1937 visit to the Rainbow Range and other nearby areas by horseback and floatplane.
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  7. From the point where the road crosses the Coast Range via Heckman Pass in Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park at an elevation of 1487 m ( 4879 ft ) the road descends 43 km ( 27 mi ) of steep, narrow road with sharp hairpin turns and two major switchbacks to the Bella Coola Valley.
  8. Just west of Nimpo Lake the highway crosses the Dean River before reaching Anahim Lake ( population 163 ) and the adjacent Indian reserve at 310 km ( 193 mi ) . 35 km ( 22 mi ) west of Anahim Lake, the highway enters Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park, and 6.2 km ( 3.9 mi ) later, it crosses into the Central Coast Regional District at Heckman Pass.


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