1. If not, then at least we've eliminated the typable letters.
  2. I assume WP : Plot was intended as a version typable without recourse to the shift key.
  3. :: Most people can't type this, so the redirect should exist from a typable version.
  4. The inference algorithm is terminating, sound, and complete : whenever a term is typable, the algorithm computes its type.
  5. :If all you want to do is move the file, try using wildcards to represent the non-typable characters.
  6. It's difficult to find typable in a sentence. 用typable造句挺難的
  7. Source ( if applicable ) : the " degree sign " is not normally typable, so frequently the degree sign disappears and a space appears instead; this is the format used by SIMBAD
  8. Despite PFGE being considered by many researchers as the  gold standard, many strains are not typable by this technique due to the degradation of the DNA during the process ( gel smears ).
  9. :Names that are not typable on a standard Latin charcter set are generally rejected, although this is not done by the User page creation process, but by a bot which comes along later.
  10. A ) Directive 2002 / 24 / EC ( or as motorbike ?2 Abs 1 line 14 KFG ) are typable and registered as a motor vehicle can be driven, so far ( October 2010 has not survived ).
  11. Conversely, the non provability in intuitionistic logic of Peirce's law can be transferred back to combinatory logic : there is no typed term of combinatory logic that is typable with type ( ( ? ?! ? ) ?! ? ) ?! ?.
  12. After criticizing faults in Lin Yutang's dictionary, one reviewer gave a balanced conclusion, " the mistakes and omissions are far outweighed by his index system even with its kinks, and by his typable, indexable, computerizable romanization system, his generally excellent English translations, and his comprehensive and up-to-date entries . " ( Ching 1975 : 524 ).


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