type 051b造句


  1. It was succeeded by the Type 051B.
  2. In addition, ZKJ-4BII CDS is also installed onboard Type 051B destroyer No . 167.
  3. The "'Type 051B Luhai-class "'is a class of destroyer built by the People's Republic of China.
  4. The chief designer of this class is academic, Mr . Pan Jingfu ( Xo \ 暀?), who is also the designer of both the Type 051B's predecessor and successor.
  5. The sole Type 051B destroyer 167 " Shenzhen " participated in the PLA Navy s first goodwill visit to Africa in 2000, the first visit to Europe in 2001 and the first visit to Japan in 2007.
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  7. The main purpose of the Type 051B was to gain experience in modern naval ship design and construction, and refining the knowledge and skills accumulated from the earlier Sovremennyy-class destroyer from Russia was determined to fulfil the role.
  8. However, Type 051B does have an advantage over earlier Chinese principle surface combatants and Russian ships in that it is the first Chinese naval ship to be equipped with fleet formation command and control system so it can act as a flagship of the fleet.


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