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  1. The Type 052B destroyer was the first, and features a stealthy design, modern layout, and adopted many Russian and indigenous weapons and sensors.
  2. Due to the urgent need of integrating Russian MR-710 radar to Type 052B destroyer, the original general designer Wan Jun was reassigned as the general engineer of this program, and later on, deputy general designer Diao Chen-Xi immigrated to Canada in July 1996.
  3. In the event of war, PLAN ships would be sunk before they could detect enemy ships, so it would be imperative for Chinese radar developers to develop a phased array radar to boost the combat capability of PLAN . To meet this requirement of PLAN that would eventually become PLAN s SAPARS ( "'S "'hipborne "'A "'ctive "'P "'hased "'A "'rray "'R "'adar "'S "'ystem ) project / program, the 14th institute presented the development and research results since November 1989, and Mr . Zhang Guang-Yi informed PLAN that based on the size limitation of the radar antenna ( 4 meter x 4 meter ) onboard Type 052B destroyer, a S-band APAR would have a range in excess of 300 km, 50 % higher than the original PLAN requirement of 200 km.
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