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  1. Its naval type HHQ-9 is equipped in the PLAN Type 052C Lanzhou class destroyer in VLS launch tubes.
  2. The missile is deployed aboard Type 052C destroyers, and by coastal defence units using three-round transporter erector launchers.
  3. The Type 052C was designed for the fleet air defence role, and mounted the vertically launched HQ-9 air defence missiles.
  4. The Type 052C was the first warship in the People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Force to have true long-range fleet air defence capability.
  5. After the Type 052C destroyer ( NATO code name " Luyang II " class, or " Lanzhou " class after the AESA radar system.
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  7. However, as of mid-2007, it still can not be confirmed that if any light UAVs has been on board Type 052C class on a regular basis.
  8. Due to the greater angle of superstructure slope, more space was made available for the liquid cooling system instead of the mixed air and liquid cooling system on earlier APAR on board Type 052C.
  9. While the Chinese claim to have produced combat data systems based on the MIL-STD-1773 standard, the Type 052C likely uses current standard Chinese systems based on the MIL-STD-1553B standard.
  10. Such limitation would lead to potential threats being much closer to the mother ship than that of the west, exposing Type 052C in greater danger to attacks in comparison to western ships equipped with towed sonar array, hence greatly reduced the overall effectiveness of the ship / aircraft performance.
  11. The first widely used shipborne fleet command system onboard Chinese naval ships is "'H / ZBJ-1 "', usually abbreviated as "'ZBJ-1 "', which is first installed onboard Type 052C destroyer and subsequent Type 052D destroyer.
  12. According to the developer, such five consoles arrangement as the emergency backup of combat data system is located separately from the main combat information center where the combat data system is located to ensure survivability, but it is not known for sure if this configuration had been adopted for Type 052C destroyer.
  13. The People's Republic of China uses a circular " cold launch " system that ejects the missile from the launch tube before igniting the engine on the Type 052C destroyer, and also a rectangular  hot launch " system with one lid per cell arranged in a grid on the Type 054A frigate.
  14. The two C-band arrays are used to control HHQ-9 SAMs . The first production version of Star of the Sea is "'Type 346 "'on Type 052C destroyers and it utilizes air cooling system, which is replaced by liquid cooling system in its successor "'Type 346A "'onboard Type 052D destroyers.
  15. H / SJG-206 linear towed sonar array has a range of in excess of 100 kilometers, and abandonment of this effective ASW gear means that the defense perimeter of Type 052C is shrunk more than 100 kilometers, and Z-9 / Ka-27 must loiter closer to the mother ship to fill that gap, thus cannot be deployed to the further away from ship like their western counterparts.
  16. Examples of these include the German " Sachsen-class frigate ", the US Navy's " Arleigh Burke-class destroyer ", their Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force's close counterparts in AEGIS warships, the " Atago-class destroyer ", and the " Kongo-class destroyer ", the Chinese Type 054 frigate and the Type 052C destroyer, Russian Navies " Admiral Gorshkov class frigate " and " Steregushchiy-class corvette ", the Indian Shivalik-class frigate and Kolkata-class destroyer, the French La Fayette-class frigate and the newer FREMM multipurpose frigate.


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