1. "' Uffenheim "'is a city in the Middle Franconian district of Neustadt ( Aisch )-Bad Windsheim, in Bavaria, Germany.
  2. Meanwhile, in 1412, the family of Hohenlohe-Uffenheim-Speckfeld had become extinct, and its lands had passed through the marriages of its heiresses into other families.
  3. His body was brought to Ochsenfurt and put in a coffin before being buried the next day at Uffenheim ( Bavaria )-as it was not possible to bring it back to Neuburg, too far away-in the presence of the duke.
  4. Heinrich I ( died 1183 ) was the first to take the name of Hohenlohe, and in 1230 his grandsons, Gottfried and Conrad, supporters of Emperor Brandenburg, while the former was divided into several branches, only two of which, however, Hohenlohe-Weikersheim and Hohenlohe-Uffenheim-Speckfeld, need be mentioned here.
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